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St. Patrick’s Day Craft - Tea Light Centerpieces for St. Patrick's Day

These small centerpieces are perfect for the table on St. Patrick’s Day. They do not use up a lot of space and are quick and easily put together. A felt shamrock ribbon and some green rocks are all you will need to add to your candle holders to complete this decoration.




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Tea Light Decorations for St. Patrick's Day




The following supplies were used to make this project:

* larger straight candleholder or vase
* two smaller candle holders just perfect for tea lights
* package of small decorative green rocks
* ribbon with felt shamrocks
* double-sided adhesive
St. Patrick's Day Ribbon with Shamrocks
This is how the ribbon looked that was used for this project.


Place double-sided adhesive on the backside of the ribbon and adhere to the rim of the glass candle holders. Then fill the candle holders about 1/4-1/3 full with decorative green rocks. Then place the tea lights in the candle holders and they are ready to be used.




Tea Light Decorations for St. Patrick's Day 3







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